Creative, convenient Southern comfort food, minus the meat. Every meal feels like coming home again. 

Clean South specializes in vegan high-protein meals that replicate the texture and sensory experience of eating meat-based Southern comfort food. We only use scratch-made seitan (wheat gluten) but also offer gluten-free meat substitutes (soy). We choose the best ingredients and cook locally and seasonally whenever possible. In addition to serving our customers at locations around LA, we are available for catering, private events, and festivals.



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Clean South is wife and husband team Jessica Parker and Daniel Weisberg. We met in middle school and from day one, we were challenging each other: to do more, work harder, dream bigger.  We became vegetarian together in our senior year of high school and Clean South is the culmination of our passion to do what we love every day -- to bring more happiness and peace into the world while creating memories and telling stories. 

Vegan Street Fair, March 2015

Clean South started as a fantasy in fall of 2014 when we were driving around LA , passing local BBQ joints and chicken restaurants:  Wouldnโ€™t it be so cool if we, as vegans, could go to a corner store and order freely, create a plate of fried chicken, cornbread, and mac and cheese, or buffalo wings and slaw? How amazing would that be?! After many years cooking vegan food together, we decided to attempt to create a meat-free version of the Southern guilty pleasures that remained appealing to us even though we are committed to not eating animals. After many trials and errors, weโ€™ve come up with a menu we are confident will satisfy vegans and meat-eaters alike.


Taking inspiration from authentic Southern recipes and chefs, we have created our menu with a commitment to the history and heritage of Southern food, adapting traditional meat prepping and cooking techniques to our seitan and soy proteins. After exploring the American South, including New Orleans, Charleston, South Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia, we have found that Southerners eat with soul. The pace is slower and they savor the in between moments, relishing meals with family and friends. They cook with the seasons and are uncompromising in their preference for high quality food cooked with heart. After interviewing dozens of Southerners on their favorite spot for fried chicken, we heard the same answer time and again: โ€œmy Grandma makes the best fried chicken.โ€ With Clean South we present to you: comfort food like Grandma makes, minus the meat.

 Recipes Coming Soon!